Karen Boustany Best Media Personality Awarded By Byblorama

26 أبريل , 2017 بواسطة :

In the presence of the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Media and the Minister of Environment as well as many other prominent political, religious, social, cultural and media personalities, Byblorama awarded writer and TV host Karen Boustany the award for Best Journalist and TV host for 2017.

Minister of Media, Melhem Riachi presented the award to. Mrs Boustany, praised her amazing career and the noble cause she’s fought for culture in Lebanon.

Karen Boustany poses with her award
Lebanese journalist Karen Boustany posing with her award for Best Journalist and TV host for 2017

In her speech, Karen thanked Byblorama for shining the light on selective cultural TV shows and she dedicated her award to her late father who was an immigrant that came back to Lebanon and specifically to Kesrouan in the seventies when everyone was immigrating from Lebanon.

She then talked about her passion towards her writings and Asmaa Min Al Tarikh which has become, in its 4th season, well known among all successful Lebanese emigrants around the world

Finally, she thanked all those who are encouraging her to represent Kesrouan in the upcoming parliamentary elections because women are the ones that foster new generations and build better nations.